To our customers and the public

To our customers and the public:


At Conal International Trading, Inc., we strive to bring high-quality shoes that provides the best experience and comfort possible to our customers. We were informed recently the company importedboots that has an offensive symbol designed on them. We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and the public. The boots have been recalled and we have stopped selling the item.

We would like to issue our sincerest apologies to our customers and to anyone who was offended by the Swastika imprint that the boots left behind. The design was not intentional and was a mistake made by our manufacturers in China. There was never any intention to include any offensive designs on the products we import. We will be investigating the issue.

Conal International Trading, Inc. does not promote hate or discrimination of any kind. Again, we deeply regret that this item caused offense and apologize for the mistake.


Conal International Trading, Inc.